Server Script (API Script Type)

Dear All,

I want to write a server script which will have an API script type.

Can anyone guide me in the same, as i am new on this?

Or can anyone give a code reference to understand it in a better way?

Vishakha Mishra

Hello @Vishakha_Mishra,

Currently, Frappe has REST API and whitelisted functions for API stuff. You may want to refer through on documentations.



Hi @iRaySpace,

Thanks for your answer but I am asking about server script from Erpnext platform just like the custom script.

Please refer the below image to understand it better

and specifically I need guidance in API type server script.


Good day!

You may want to checkout their existing test scripts. They offer some examples that would probably answer your question.



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Hi, Did you find any examples ? Thank you

hello ma’am,
did you find any examples or did you solve?
then please share how, if you can.