Server Script isn't available on Frappe Cloud with v15

As per my new setup on Frappe Cloud, I chose to get live with v15 but when I start working on Server Scripts it says Server Script isn’t enabled on your Bench.

How can I enable that?
I’m currently using the standard 10$ plan in Frappe Cloud.

Thanks in advance.


Why should i upgrade my plan when I’ll be using 50% of the current plan?
Everything was good till v14 but now it look like I should move to other servers.

It’s an old thread but you can try to add the developer mode in site config and migrate the site.

If not worked then raise the support ticket on Frappe Cloud.

I’ve tried this too but it still shows Server Script isn’t available.
But yes, I should raise a ticket too.

Thanks a Lot @NCP

Did you move your site to private bench? if not clone your current bench under actions >> change bench >> clone current bench.

After this, go to the bench tab >> your bench name >> Config >> you can enable server script here. Try to check.

Its not working if you are in a shared bench.

Support says, the only solution is the private bench where the starting package is 25$

so I already told you before :sweat_smile:

@NCP you’re always helpfull no doubt :blush:

I was just looking for some solutions which’s eventually not possible and now I’m shifting out from FC with my 11 sites :frowning_face:

only option is to develop a custom app, add your server script, and install your custom app in the Frappe Cloud.

But that’s a long journey.
Especially when you need to modify a lot in various sections on whole site.

If you don’t want to do that too, you have to increase the plan, there is no other option :joy:

I’m shifting to VPS.
Initially for 2 of my websites and then I’ll shift the rest of them too.