Service and Repair Industry

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I wanted to ask if ERPnext can be used in a company which is a Service and Repair company.
Meaning, they sell products but also provide repair facilities, in which the customer brings the product to the company for repairs and they issue him a serial number etc. I guess i dont have to tell much as it is pretty understood.

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Yes. It can be.

I request that you please point me the right direction. Many thanks in advance

I mean, can you tell me a little about how i can do it

Have you seen the you tube on ERPnext for service industry? Maybe start with that. There are about 100 videos on YouTube about ERPnext. Best place to start.

Thanks for the reply. Ill check and return

You can make use of the Maintenance Module to manage your Service and Repairing/Maintenance service. You can arrange the schedule maintenance and visit. This module also including the Warranty claim.


Honestly speaking, I havent been able to get the time to see the videos but I will surely do that.
In a nutshell…following is the process:

You sell a product and it has a serial number.
If a product gives an issue to the customer, if it is under warranty, the customer gets back to you with the product, you give him service number/tracking number for its repair status. If the product falls in warranty, its repaired free, and if it is not (like burns etc) it will be charged.
And after that
If a product is not in warranty, the customer will be a repair/tracking number, when the repair is done, the customer will pay the price of the repair.

This is the complete process…

Check this link, it may help you


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