Service Business for ERPNext

Hello Team,

Please provide detailed steps for Service Business, How Service invoice and Service Order is generating.

@dineshpanchal432: could you please specify the problems you are trying to address in more details? It would be helpful in order to share specific suggestions/comments.

On a general note, the standard ERPNext doctypes (Sales Invoice, Sales Order) work well for service companies, IMHO. At least we at DigiThinkIT use it this way for the services we provide.

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Checkout this webinar!

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One more Scenario for Purchase Cycle:

If Service Business need to outsource some of the services work to vendors/supplier then company has to raise the Purchase Order to the vendor but stock shouldn’t get update for Ordered Qty. Now once vendor has finished the job then company users can create Purchase Invoice to process the payment.

Can we use the same Non-Stock Item with Is Purchase Item button Checked in Item Master to raise the purchase order for services request?