Service Charges for Customers?

Where do I setup the service charge to be applied to customers? I see the box to check for service charges on the customer doctype but I cannot find where to put the % rate of the service charge. Also, then, how would I apply the service charge if they don’t pay in their terms? For instance, net30 and they pay in 45 days?



Can anyone help me out on the service charges? If there’s a box for it, I assume I can set the rate on this somewhere but I’m not seeing it anywhere?

If it is fixed, you can add a new item row for service charges.

If it is based on %, then you can add a row in the Taxes and Charges table.

If it was not added in the invoice, but to be added in the Payment Entry directly, you can use Deductions table in the Payment Entry.

For now, there is no option to add charges based on due date.

I opened a Github issue as I would like to have it auto-create based on due date or terms. Finance/Service Charge added automatically · Issue #14842 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub