Service items with Spares

Hi, we are in Service/Repair Industry and wants to customise ERPnext that If I receive two products from Customer A, then wants to create Sales Invoice with such way that it show Product A has spare 01 , spares 02 and Service/Labour Charges Rs. ____ and then Product 2 has Spares 04, Spares 02 and Service Charges Rs. ____.
Then Invoice total.

is there any way to have this system without script.

Currently, you should directly add spares and service charges as an item for a service order.

Alternatively, you can try using Product Bundle, and add table of Product Bunde Items in your Print Format as well. However, in the Product Bundle, you can only select stock items. So item for serice/labour should be added in the main Item table only.

You can add service item twice, and edit Item Name and Description for which those services charges are applied.