Service provider for SMS


I would like to set up 2FA for my logins

can anyone assist with suggetions for service providers that can offer service that
will integrate with ERPNext. I see in the SMS settings that a URL is required?

It seems some service providers only offer a service in their won countries ?

Try website… It will provide services to the maximum countries.

Thank you @Gokulc133 for the info.

I shall go and look at there website. In the meantime I have tried
There customer support is good but there seems to be a lot of problems on some of the
service providers here in SA. Maybe the company that you are suggesting will be better.

I shall have a lot. Thanks

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@johnlongland you can try I have been using their service for quite a while and it has worked effortlessly.

SMSAPI - global SMS API service provider Also works quite well.

@flexy2ky Can I ask how you were able to integrate it to the system? I have tried but everytime I try to send a message I get “Bad Request to url” error.