Service Provider’s Unethical Practices

Hi Frappe Partner Community.

As an end user I’ve been managing a few workflows in my company using ERPNext since about 4 years. However I wanted to get a complete implementation done for my manufacturing unit last year.

I did a quick google search to find ERPNext implementer SAMARTH management pvt ltd, very close to my workplace in Delhi.
Talked to him over phone and he claimed to have beeen a frappe partner and had met @rmehta , etc. He was wearing a frappe branded t-shirt also on the first day. The guy seemed young and enthusiastic. His family was also into iso implementations, so i assumed they’d be professional. After defining the scope of work, I arranged and gave him some advance.

Took him along to my manufacturing unit with me and explained the processes. He then made me wait for 2 weeks before sending me standard ERPNext based processes, despite me sharing step by step processes that we had in properly formatted excel formats. We had a little discussion about frappeHR. (He claimed that hr module was no longer available in the latest version and was giving issues to his other clients. I installed frappeHR on frappe cloud for him.)

He took another 2 weeks to get in touch after my follow-up to introduce me to a developer to share with him my requirements. I again followed up with the developer after a week. Supposedly he was working only in evenings. He asked me to get masters ready to be imported, which I already had ready, but his team was unable to fix issues in importing those. I figured a way around and imported some manually myself as I didn’t want to delay.

Another 10 days passed without any update and finally after he got time from his “busy” schedule he made me (virtually) meet another developer team to re-explain everything and then promised to complete tasks in 2-3 days.

After a week I finally called him to stop the project as he had already wasted about 2 months of mine and I had seen No implementation from his side. Over phone he confessed that he wasn’t able to go through with the project as he was facing salary related issues from his developers and I asked him to just refund the advance I had given (75k INR).

After a week of follow-up he came back with a mail stating that he’ll be refunding me about 25k. As he had already paid 25k for someone who generates leads for him and given me services (1 day visit to my manufacturing unit and 2 meetings to discuss his delay in implementation!! He couldn’t even get a simple print format setup in the entire 2 months let alone anything else. The guy even charged for some food expenses he paid for during one of the meetings.) On confronting he just asked me to go ahead and fight it out legally. (For which I did not have the time to do, nor would somebody be willing to take up the matter for the amount at stake)

Is it fair to be charged by a service provider despite not being able to deliver, due to his internal issues? He derailed my project and till date I’m not able to get confidence to restart my project with any partner despite having the confidence in ERPNext as a solid product.

The entire experience was just appalling!

This shall instil the important of product and process quality among all the service providers in the community.

To start with the title, it’s important to note that there is a different in Frappe Partner (listed on vis-a-vis service providers from the community offering services on ERPNext and other FOSS products. Practically, Frappe can’t keep a tap on each company / freelancer offering services on Frappe apps.

The partner in question is a community partner, who isn’t listed on, neither trained and certified by Frappe on the products.

The evaluation of implementation partner is a critical process. We at Frappe, only recommend the partners who are certified on product, and optimising their processes as per our Partner Maturity model. If you choose to work with the community partner, then evaluating them on the product and process expertise will be completely your responsibility.

@rijul, your side of story certainly does sound unfair being done with you. However, when it comes to forming an opinion, hearing two sides really matter. I hope you get this sorted soon, and move on.

For further work, you can consider evaluating a Frappe Partner in your territory, or work with a community partner who can show-case quality work done and has a customer providing recommendation on his / her work.

Please note that claim of meeting or a selfie with frappe team-member, including founders and co-founders, isn’t a testimony of their product and service expertise.