Service Providers

Hello all,

Service Providers has been a neglected area for ERPNext so far and we would like to fix it in 2016.

I just pushed a few fixes to the community portal. We are doing away with the country wise listing (you could work from anywhere!) and listing using a points system.

You get points for:

  1. Being a ERPNext VIP
  2. Completing projects on the portal
  3. Having forum members
  4. Having a GitHub ID
  5. Having a website with an ERPNext page.

I have tried to update the profiles of a few members, but please feel free to login and add your details.

The service providers link will now be prominently listed on all ERPNext assets (like and we hope this will bring a lot more traffic to your sites.

Some of our initiatives will be:

  1. Helping the service providers with:
  2. Setting up a website
  3. Presentations
  4. Help in setting up demos
  5. Verified partner listing (we have not decided a process, but will involve a customer feedback, ability to do a demo + a small fee)
  6. Lead sharing for signups on (we could ask the user if they need services)
  7. Commission for hosting on
  8. Helping service providers promote their content via the Frappe Blog / newsletter etc.

So if you have ideas, please share them here!


Now this will be win-win situation for both ERPNext and service providers.
Thank you very much for this improvement

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Dear ERPNext Team,
We are seeing a very good initiative. I liked the page of service provider. Factors like Having forum members, Having a GitHub ID, Having a website with an ERPNext page will really play a crucial role in attracting service providers towards all aspects of supporting ERPNext.

New member @Pranjali_Gaikwad will definitely add values in this relationship of ERPNext and Service providers.

Enjoy ERPNext !

I kindly request you to add name of given below users in forum activity on service provider page of Indictrans.


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This is great news. Kudos for providing the much awaited support and visibility from ERPNext team for the service providers. It would be nice to know more about the points system. Having a dedicated person for service providers is also a welcome move.

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Great Job, I hope this gets more traction and encurages service providers.


Do I just send private message to service providers to get price quotes?

Post a job