Service Tax Issue


I have a scenario where is I am making a quotation for maintenance (AMC).
As it is an outstation Customer, I also have to quote the T&Fro Charges.
So I added these 3 line items in the quotation.

The issue is that when I apply Service Tax on it, it is calculated on all the items, where as it should be calculated only on the AMC charge and not the travel charges.

I am not able to upload the screenshot here, it would have been helpful to understand the issue.

Am I missing something?

There are 2 ways to do this

  1. In your travel item, add an Item Tax for Service Tax as 0
  2. Add the travel in your taxes and charges table below Service tax.

I think second might be the preferred way

Hi Rushabh

I had done it with the 2nd option you suggested, just wanted to find out if there is any other way.

I tried with the 1st option, its working.

Thanks for your help.