Services Contract

As IT company we provide Multi Services based on yearly contract and the price is fixed for the contract

i need to track all request on this contract and to see if that contract is profitable or not.

the workflow is we receive an email form client as issue, then the support manager will assign this to employee as task.

by end of the day we will generate report to see how many hour spend in on that contract.

i need developer to help us to automate this.


Please check the ERPNext Service Providers section on

You can also post your job on

Thanks, Makarand

Hi, this may be a bit late but we have a similar situation and are looking for managing customer contracts for services we provide.

I did find Recurring Orders and Invoices, which basically is what contracts are.

I wonder if anyone else got this solved or if anyone is using the recurring stuff.



a job or job cost module would be very useful