Serving Multiple Websites from single ERPNext site

hello guys, is this possible that to make multiple website in erpnext ???

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Can you share your use case?

ERPNext is a Frappe App. Do you mean that you want to have multiple sites (all with ERPNext) hosted in one server?

If yes, you might want to read on Multitenancy.


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i want to make another website for another company. the website i mean is module website in erpnext…
Regarding on multi-tenant platform, how does it work? can you elaborate more? the link you gave is just the steps how make the multi-tenant.

Thank you! i appreciate it a lot!

If I’m not mistaken, multi-tenant is a single instance runs many erpnext. It’s like

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if i will use multi-tenancy i can access both sites at the same time with different ports.

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We have started working on a project to allow multiple websites within a single instance of ERPNext. Since software projects always take longer and cost more than expected I am not willing to give an estimated delivery date. But I can tell you that is under active development with a great dev team and lots of excellent cooperation from Frappe.


Yes you can use multiple sites under one instance. Using the multi tenanted setup.
You can use it via different domains. That is the right way to use it. If you want to use it with different port number than you don’t need to setup as multi tenant.
Multi tenant is to view all sites on port 80 or 443 with different domain names.


I followed this guide on port based multitenancy…Setup Multitenancy 3. I have created and named my second site as site3.local and assigned port 8181 to it. I am stuck at launching it.trying to use :8181 gives me a error in connection/site cannot be reached.How do I mak it work.


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nice. Can you post the (github) repository? you may even get more support by doing so.


Hi Hera,
I tried follwoing the above guide, but have not succeded. Can you please give the steps in details.I indicated the steps i followed here.


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I had the same requirement; I followed the guide here . My steps were as below;

  • Navigate to your frappe bench folder and run the following commands;

  • bench config dns_multitenant off

  • bench new-site site2name

  • bench --site site2name install-app erpnext

  • bench set-nginx-port site2name 82

  • bench setup nginx( Choose Y to ovewrite)

  • sudo service nginx reload.

Test your newsite using youripaddress:82



@vrms, sorry about the huge delay… Here is the “Issue”: [Proposal] Multiple websites per instance · Issue #16432 · frappe/frappe · GitHub. Sagar is working on it but I have other projects that he is helping us with as well.
Here are two more links:
GitHub - sagarvora/frappe at multi-website
GitHub - sagarvora/erpnext at multi-website


thank you for the help it work correct