Session Expired. Logging you out

i installed erpnext in 2 sites
when open 2 tabs and open 2 sites when i login show me message “Session Expired. Logging you out”
can u help me

Hi @Vega1000
try out
1-localhost:8090 on chrome browser
2- localhost:8050 on firefox web browser
on same browser it not allow to run 2 sites.

It is very strange this only happens to 1 of my instances. Is there a setting or a configuration that would cause “Session Expired. Logging you out” to happen?

My scenario is. On “Desktop A” login using “Account A”. On “Desktop B” login using “Account A”. “Desktop A” gets kicked out.


what happens if you try to run the browser in ‘incognito’ mode?


@hpema108, give me a sec, gonna push a fix for this, think ive found it