Session is Expiring /Time Out

Hi, I’ve updated to v11 and facing session expiring issues:

Please guide for this.

OS is Debain. While versions details are: ERPNext: v11.1.42 (master), Frappe Framework: v11.1.37 (master).
Also have tried this: Setting HTTP timeout · frappe/bench Wiki · GitHub

The problem is looking in Nginx. Need anyone expert opinion to solve this issue.

Not necessarily. Try looking in the “System Settings” under the “Security” section for the “Session Expiry” setting and make sure it has not been corrupted or altered. It should look something like this:


It’s same:

How fast are the sessions expiring?


Sometime within 2-3 seconds, and sometime, after 60 seconds. There’s no regularity but we can’t do any work.
I guess, I have found the issue but don’t know how to solve. We are using Debain on a VM hosted by Hyper V (2012 R2). I unplugged the network cable and it started working fine on host PC and on Debain.

How did you start up your bench (i.e. bench start, bench setup production)?