Session start failed during erp access

While accessing ERP, it is throwing following error, kindly someone help me.

Your ERP server is full. I had the same error (/tmp/something), I needed to delete the logs file.
I found out the error was coming from a hook I created. We changed something and forgot to adapt the hook. Result: the hook was failing and logged the error every 4 minutes => Disk Full
Maybe your problem is similar?

Thank you mel_erp,
I will be thankful if u help me achieving the solution:

  • how to delete the log files

  • how to change the hook and to adapt

To delete the logs: rm -rf frappe-bench/logs/*
As for the hook, we had a custom hook. If you don’t have any, your problem is from somewhere else.
When you’ll clean the logs, I suggest looking in the worker.error.log after a few minutes. Maybe you will find your error in this file.

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