Session Timeout


I am using

ERPNext: v13.0.0-beta.13 (version-13-beta-pre-release)
Frappe Framework: v13.0.0-beta.11 (version-13-beta-pre-release)

But, system is getting session timeout in few minutes if no activities. System security setting is default i.e. 06:00 hrs for desktop and 720:00 hrs for mobile. Http timeout 1800 also not solving the issue.

This has been appearing after version 13.x.x. I have posted several threads, but so resolution.

I am also facing this unintended timeouts after some duration on Frappe Framework: v13.0.0-beta.12 (version-13-beta) and this issue wasn’t there on Frappe Framework: v13.0.0-beta.7 (version-13-beta)


Is this happening with new installations on first use? How was installation accomplished?

I have experienced this in both Manual Installation and Easy Installation of version v13.x.x-develop () (develop). This was not happening in version-12.