Set Amount Eligible For Commission


We recently started using ERPNext in our company and are trying the features of the platform.
Our Sales Persons are currently working with the following options:

  • Commission - A percentage based amount
  • Personalized Price List.

When pricing our products we are using a base amount, with the additional pricing per option for each Sales Person, so that if we have a product with a base amount of 900$, our sales person might have a different Price List listing the product at 950$.

When calculating the commission the amount is calculated per 950$, while we want the amount to be calculated according to the base amount which is 900$, so that if the commission is 10% the amount eligible for commission will be 90$ instead of 95$.

We tried several options, using both price lists and pricing rules but the commission amount always stays at 10% on the final amount (not base amount). Is there a way to set commission per the base amount instead?

Thank you