Set custom app requirements

Hello there . I know that required modules are saved inside the requirements.txt file . but what about an app (installed with apt-get , not pip) . the app is called libzbar0 , I can manually install it using apt-get install , but I want to add it to requirements.


You might have to create a separate App in ERPNext, where you might use python wrapper for libzbar0. - pyzbar

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It would be of more help if you could post the problem that you are trying to solve.

we have a custom mobile app that read QR codes and display all information about the invoice (the app is provided by the ministry so no other options :slight_smile: ) . Anyways creating a QR code require a certain type of decryption , the code is working just fine , so python uses the pyzbar module which is installed from the file requirements.txt . BUT , the module itself needs to be followed by the installation of libzbar0 , I tried to put it inside the requirements as well, but no luck cauz it needs to be done by the apt-get command .
so to conclude , I just need to do the command (apt-get install libzbar0) just after installing the custom app .

How about creating a bash script, say -

apt-get install libzbar0

and add following code in file -

with open ('', 'w') as rsh:
    rsh.write('echo "libzbar0 installed"\n')

Not sure if it’ll work, but worth a try.