Set custom field to unique

Can anyone assist me about how to set custom field on sales invoice to Unique ?

I have created custom field ‘invoice_no’ which is not unique but I want to set it Unique value but I got message

Sales Invoice: Field ‘Invoice No’ cannot be set as Unique as it has non-unique values

is there any script or a way to solve this problem?

Thank in advance.

What is your field type?
The field must be of numeric type. Otherwise it won’t work.

My field type is Data.

I use entry like ’ H01-12345’ in data field, I want to change it to Unique field to avoid same number

Hi @Bong_Sothea,

We set in Invoice No as a custom field so there is no issue found.
Please check it.

Also, test we create an invoice so no issue was found.

When entering the same invoice no in another invoice then shows the message.

Again check or create a new field and then reload and check it.

Thank You!

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