Set default payment terms as default for new customer

When creating a new customer, the default payment terms template is empty. (ERPNext v10) It has to be set so that the payment due date is not the same day.

I like the payment terms template feature.

It would be good if the payment terms template has an option “is default”. The selected default would then be pulled when creating a new customer. Other thoughts on this?

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Note: there is an easy workourand to achieve this by customising the Customer DocType and setting the default value of payment_terms to the desired payment terms template. Works nicely, but is only a workaround… :wink:


thanks @lasalesi for sharing! sounds promising.

Hi, and do you know about Default Payment Terms Template field in Company’s setting?
Don’t you think that it is enough?

Hi @NMyshuk,

yes, also a good option :wink: thanks! But that covers the Terms and Conditions field, we were looking for the Payment Terms

The company default can be:

But the field required is

Hi @lasalesi
Hmmm, which version do you use?
There is from our Company’s settings
we have ERPNext: v10.0.17 (master)

Hi @NMyshuk,

thanks, I was on v10.0.13. Now, as I have upgraded to v10.0.21, I have this new field. Seems like a good new solution.