Set default tax for item form instead of invoice forms

Since the UAE VAT and Excise taxes are specific to products and services, how do I set VAT as the default tax rule for all items created except when the user changes the default selection?

Additionally, how do I define tax-included prices? As in instead of defining the prices of item as 100, with 5 added as tax, I want to define 100 as the tax-inclusive price with whatever derived from this figure.

You can define all the rates applicable for an item in the Item master itself. These will be fetched when you select the item in order/invoice when you select the item.

To make prices incl. of taxes, check this field in the order/invoice

Also go through the docs for taxes once.

@kennethsequeira, my good sir, I know we can define per-item tax in the master, but what I’m asking is to make item master have a tax selection by default on the form instead of us having to manually select it for each and every item.

If you have only one tax rate, it’s better to set a tax template as default rather than set the same tax on all items.


I guess it just won’t work that way, yet should agree that it would be pretty convenient. And anyway, it doesn’t take that long. For such purposes, I’m working with taxes with this application it has such a feature of setting up forms by default, yet it’s paid