Set Developer Mode with ERPNext on Frappe Servers

@rmehta, we are running ERPNext on the Frappe servers. Is it possible to enable developer mode somehow? We need to make a few minor changes.


@sofia What kind of changes do you want? Maybe there is another way.

@rmehta, they are all front end changes.

  1. Make a numbered supplier and customer series.

  2. Add field in Journal Entry and fetch it to Bank Rec Tool. Field is to enter data regarding to whom a cheque was made out.

  3. Make the item code auto-generated according to our logic. We would select the item code category manually and the system would apply the last digits in the item code. For example, tomato has item code 1000001. All fruits start with 1 and the last number increases in the order the item was input. The next fruit entered into the system would be 1000002.

  4. Need 5 decimal places on all numbers including operating costs. No rounding.

Is there another way to make these changes?


@rmehta, can we make these changes without having to set developer mode?

Just go to Purchase > Purchase Settings and change Supplier Naming By to Naming Series
To customers, go to Sales Settings

This field already exists, and is named Pay to / Recd From in Print Settings Section of each Journal Entry

Do you need find a tutorial in this forum about, custom naming for items.