Set e-mail sender

I set up two e-mail accounts, both with activated SMTP.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find a way to set which account should be used as sender.

CRM → Customer → Choose any customer → E-Mail
You can set a receiver address, cc, bcc but no sender account.

Follow-up question:
Is it possible to set a default sender for specific customers?
Use case: A few of my customers use an e-mail provider that regularly rejects emails from my default smtp server, so I set up a backup account that works.

You can define per User what Email Accounts they have access to. If multiple are defined, users get an option to choose one in the email dialog. If not, the default outgoing address will be used.

Setting a sending account per customer is not supported, as far as I know.

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Thanks! That place would have been the last place for me to search.

Is there a possibilty to use a default address for different modules with a client script? Eg. we like to use in support only the support mail address and not the private one. Same for supplier contacts. It would be nice to set up standard sender per doctype.