Set Float Field Precision individually

Is there a way to set float precision for each field individually ?

Because I see from both server/client code there is precision(‘fieldname’, doctype) but can’t really find the correct way to do it on front end


You can set field precision for Currency and Float fields from:

Setup >> Customize >> Customize Form

Check following link to learn more about Customize Form.

In Customize Form, you will find field to define float precision for each field.

Hope this helps.

Hi umair,

Is this thing new in current release ? Cos i can’t find it in my Customize Form.
Is there a setting to enable it ?


This is visible in the latest version. Please check following.

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Thanks umair,

Updated frappe and erpnext has fixed the issue!

Ok, actually I think I’ve just found a minor bug:

The code are not consistent between client and server side for get_field_precision.
I think the client side’s way is correct. If you agree, I can make a PR to revise server code.