Set mandatory fields based on another field not empty

Hi There,
In my custom DocType, I have a field not mandatory, called inner_carton.
Then I have other fields about inner carton such as length and weight. Also these fields are not mandatory.

If field inner_carton is not empty, but it contains a value, I would that related fields becoming mandatory.

How can I implement this in DocType or through a custom script?

You can make a check in python that if inner_carton is not empty throw an error that the other dependent fields cannot be empty

I am not a programmer, I am a sysadmin.
Could be possible to share “a piece” of code so I can start do dig into and try to solve the problem? :slight_smile:

Go to your custom doctype’s python file.
If it is empty that is no function exists then you need to create a validation function which executes everytime when we save or update a doctype record
def validate(self):
if self.inner_carton and not (self.length and self.weight):
frappe.throw(_(“length and weight fields are required”))

You can see example codes in existing python files of erpnext for example