Set PO to Completed without Purchase Receipt or Invoice?

We are using ERPNext to generate POs for equipment we dropship directly to customer.

Thus, I want to create a PO and then just set it to Completed. I don’t need a Purcahse Receipt (since it isn’t coming to me) and I don’t need an Invoice (since we handle financials separately). For cleanliness, I just want to make the PO, send it, and then close it out to Completed. How to do?

@ryarrow Can you raise a GitHub Issue for this?

Does everything else work well for you in this workflow?

See Set PO to Completed without Purchase Receipt or Invoice · Issue #4037 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

So far, workflow is working great and we are enjoying the product. The next step for us is issuing PO, doing Purchase Receipt, and accepting stock for non-drop-shipped orders. We will still skip the invoicing part at this point, so being able to modify PO status as mentioned in the github issue will be valuable down the road.