Set POS default date set in the POS profile


I am trying to set a default date for invoices created in POS. To achieve this, I have added a new field in pos_profile named posting_date and of type date, and set the default value as ‘Today’.

Now, I have to use this date in submitted invoices. Where should I make the change in python (or maybe javascript) code to get this value before submission?


I am interested in knowing what the use case scenario for this is


I would like to use the POS with a previous date so that I can quickly create invoices that I forgot to create in ERPNext.

Use Sales Invoice with Is POS ticked. It will be linked to POS Profile. Works as POS. Edit date to submit invoice. No need to customize POS.

Thanks for your replies.

@Muzzy I prefer the POS which is much simpler and quicker than creating i.e., 500 invoices.