Set Print Format based on field value (e.g. Supplier)

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Could anyone suggest how to set a print format based on the value of a field? For example, let’s say I have a custom print format that I want to be automatically selected whenever a PO is issued to a particular supplier?

It would have been much easier if there was a field under the Print Settings section in transaction documents where we can select Print Format (just like Letter Head and Print Heading). I’m not sure why this isn’t available


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You can set default print format for a particular document, say, Purchase Order in the Print Format itself. (“Make Default”)

However, for it to be as per a docfield, say Supplier, will request you to create a feature request here

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Thanks @jaichavan

Github issue created Set Print Format based on field value · Issue #18835 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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Hi @wale I came across to this discussion. Do you have any work around for this? I am also seeing the same concern. I hope you can assist me on this. Thank you.

Hi @ponyooooo

Trust you’re doing great. No workaround so far…


Hello. I was just looking for the same thing as I have suppliers that needs specific formats that differ.
Then I saw that @wale created the feature request, which was ignored and eventually automatically closed.
Hmmm, what now?

kindly refer to this [New Feature Proposal] doc other than doctype wise default print format based on condition - #9 by szufisher

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