Set_query for link field based on child table value in linked doctype?

Hi all,

can I set the filter in a set_query to filter on the value of a child table field in the referenced doctype?
If I have DoctypeA that has a link field “link” to DoctypeB, and DoctypeB has a table field.
The table has TableFieldA, TableFieldB.

How do I set the link field query in DoctypeA to show only DoctypeBs that have value XX in TableFieldA?


Hi @doca,

I suggest you take a look at this documentation. It’s possible that you’ve used a custom method for applying logic, so this documentation might help you understand better.

Thank You!

@NCP, thank you for the top.
I will take a look at it.

That also means that there is no “standard filter” way of doing this?!

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