Set Roles on User Creation

I have attached Company Employment Contracts alongside the welcome email but the contracts are different for the roles. As an example a manager would have a different contract than an accountant. The issue is that the welcome email is sent before roles are defined so I cant really filter and email the contracts automatically based on the role in the welcome email. Is there a way to set the Role on the first User Creation Screen?

The “first” user is created during the ERPNext start-up wizard and is usually reserverd for the system manager of the organization.

All subsequent users can in fact be created in “full screen” mode where roles and everything else can be selected and saved all at the same time. When creating users in full screen mode, the roles and the user are all saved at the same time, so then you “may” run into a problem of the database not yet being updated with the user info before you try to access the same data to attach contract docs to the welcome email.

You will have to run a test on this action to make sure it works properly, but my guess would be that it does.

I must admit that I have never attempted to learn a users roles before creating the welcome email. All attachments I have ever tied to welcome emails have been universally generic.

It does seem to be worth a try by doing the new user creation only in full screen mode to see if that helps you get past your attachment issues.


Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. The main goal I am pursuing here is to automatically email the contract attachment for the User based on their role. The Welcome email isnt a strict necessity for me, I just want to automatically email the attachment based on the role. If there is a way for me to automate an email the first time a role is decided, please do tell.