Set Serial number popup appearing for non serialized items in Sales invoice after v12 upgrade

The above popup is appearing while entering sales invoice items after entering each item even though none of the items have is serialized item checked.

The problem has appeared after I updated to v12.


Same issue with after. After updating this pop-up start appearing. I’m not able to resolve this. Are you?

bench update --patch resolved it for me

I did bench update --patch still not resolved for me.

is it resolved for you?
Even I am facing the same issue

Hi @NitinAgarwal

It is not yet resolved.

After doing 1. bench update, 2. bench update --patch, 3. bench update --build, 4. bench update --reset then restart computer. The problem is still there.
NOTE: I no need the pop up cos our items are not serialise like Saeedkala.
Also, before that I can use barcode gun to scan for item for invoicing. Now, with the pop up, it is not convenient and practical to use at all. I have to key Item code one by one…

NOTE: I notice that the problem disappear after update to ERPNext V12.10.1 and Frappework V:12.8.3 as at 20 Jul 2020.