Set standard fields display to all users for created DocType

Hi Everyone,

How can I make a field display that is the same for all users?
Every time I open it, the layout changes.

What is visible:

What I want:

Hi @NinYo,

Please check it.

Thank You!

Hi @Solufy,

I appreciate your response. I’m not entirely sure, if this is the same process in V14. On the latest version, I don’t seem to see it.
And the second item is only applicable to the ‘Customize Form’, what i have here is customize ‘DocType’.

Hello @NinYo,

Try these steps. It might help you.

  1. If you are using standard doctype “Appraisal”, got to customise form and check the child doctype you want to show the fields.
  2. when you open the child doctype in customise form , you have to go to all fields you want to display on screen .
  3. expand the field by clicking on arrow button on the right hand side.
  4. look for check box , In list view and check it.
  5. Update the doctype.

Let me know if it helped.

Hi @NinYo,

Yes, you can same process apply in v14 for all users.

Hi @Pratik_Mane,

Unfortunately this is not a standard DocType.
To give you a context of what i’m trying to accomplish:

  1. I have edited (through customize form) the appraisal standard form and link my newly created DocType.
  2. I want the user to be able to see the newly created Doctype each time they access the appraisal module.

As I noted above, even after I’ve already set the field display, it always resets.