Set up a Car Dealership with ERPNext

Hello everyone.
I have a car dealership and we sell used cars. Some are our own cars and some other are from different owner and the use our platform to sell them and we charge a comission for the sale of it.
i have used erpnext for another manufacturing company i used to have and it worked great.
Now though, I am trying to set up ERPNext for this company and there are something that I dont know how to do.
Cars should be created as an Asset, as an Item, as a project?
If I need to buy a spare part for a car. How do I assign the cost of said part to the car I am fixing? Same thing with fuel, carwash, etc?
Should I set up the company as a retailer, distributor or manufacturing?
Has some of you set up ERPNext for a car dealership if you can provide some tips on how to operate with it?
Hope someone could help me.

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I am looking for the same thing, I have a car dealership and a workshop with the same scenario, and want to use ERPNEXT for the business.

I have found the below blog about using the system for repair

looking for some help from the experts


You can create cars as a normal items. You can book the purchase invoices when you purchase the car from first owner. You can book the additional cost for repairs and car wash with landed cost voucher.

You can book the sales invoice at the time sales.

For the Partners who is selling cars on your platform, you can use the drop ship option.

Not an accounting expert but you could use Accounting Dimensions - please read up on ERPNext docs… Setup Items / groups based on as much detail as you need - Brand / Model - and then setup a Accounting Dimension called VIN number which is car specific. Tag all relevant transactions with that VIN number - such as purchase, cleaning, gasoline etc - so you can filter your P&L to generate reports by car (VIN) or for all Mercedes (Item transactions) etc… just my 2 cents - hope it helps…

Hey @Pablo_Ugalde, I have created a custom version of ERPNext to manage 3S Dealerships. There is no used car functionality at the moment, but it can handle Vehicle Sales, Service and Spare Parts. It’s not a published version, but it is open source. If you want to know more you can contact me at