Set up guidance

Some background:
I am a garment designer.
I am currently subcontracting garment manufacture.
My subcontractor holds raw materials (purchased and supplied by me).
I may in the near future manufacture garments in house but will also use a subcontractor.
The subcontractor currently supplies me with finished garments ready for me to pack and sell.
The subcontractor gives me price breaks as follows:

garments in price group A
unit price £45 1-10 products.
unit price £40 11-24 products.

garments in price group B
unit price £55 1-10 products.
unit price £50 11-24 products.

There are more price groups similarly structured.

My sales channels are online (shopify) and wholesale.

How best to plan and implement ERPNext in my use case. Any guidance much appreciated.

This post has an answer fron @shraddha that might be useful. Unfortunately the link to the documentation doesn’t appear tbe valid… A study of Pricing Rules and Lists may also be worthwhile

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