Setting a selling price

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i just want to set my selling price during purchase, by adding some margin. And this price, i want it to come on the price list field in time of selling the particular item.

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There is no automatic feature for this yet. Maybe you can open an issue on GitHub

since this is an old post, currently i am looking for similar feature any update on the same, is it implemented?

Hi a web search like ‘erpnext selling price’ turns up these docs that are a good start

Hi John,
Correct, but since morning google is giving me same pages which you mention already.

I am looking for a specific feature, very well described by Khalid’s post.

BTW, do you have any idea how to derive selling price from purchase price + margin?


Sorry I have no experience or clue. Besides ask the question to hope for a response, my best suggestion is to search around for pointers - be aware that apparently margin and discount are regional conventions so confirm the calculation - for eg one interpretation convention: $6 item cost plus 40% markup result in $8.40 retail price, but 40% margin on $10 retail item is $4 so cost price is $6.

don’t worry I am behind it…

the case is for retailer: buy, stock then sell, so selling price = buying price * 1.1 (case of 10% profit)

in the system you can define a price list where you can check both selling and buying checkboxes, what does it mean in this case if both checked?


I can’t say but please post what you find out - I am very much a trial and error learner!



I am able to implement such feature by following below steps

under Add Margin title.

The idea is to create a shared price list between buying and selling (as shown above both checkboxes checked) then try to select the same price list for PO creation (system will insert new line in the selected price list if not found and this is first time only, not valid for second PO means system does not update rate at price list from second PO)

adding to that, you should define a selling pricing rule without specifying any price list keep it null (I mention a bug here since shared price list is not listed).

create sales order or delivery note, select that item, shared price list, system will derive selling price = first PO price + margin (defined in pricing rule).

Hope it will help.

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