Setting budget for Equipment Account


Trying to use ERPNext, config, install… Did already a lot of thinks…

  1. Downloaded all import templates (but don’t know the right order to import them… Already understood that I have to import valid structures, such Departments, Companies, etc, before import Assets, for example…).

  2. created some items (BOM, Purchase, RFQ, users, clients, suppliers…).

  3. made some operations (Receipt items…)

For now, I trying to input budgets, and import my accounts…

I believe I’m facing some dificulties, because I don’t understand the right concept. Trying to create a budget, but I can’t see all the accounts to do it. For example, I’m trying to create a budget to Equipments. After, I will “buy” the assets, using this budget (I’m trying do rebuild the history of company).

When I try to choose the Equipments account, It wasnt available, under Account list.

It appears only some advertising accounts… Is that correct? It is something about the type of account?


You can only set budget on P&L accounts. Equipment could be a balance sheet account.


Thanks a lot!! Congrats for the system, the foundation!!!

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