Setting Customer Sales Tax - Gone missing in Develop

In Selling, Customer - the Taxes and Charges field seems to have gone missing when adding a new customer or editing existing? Or is it done elsewhere in new version?

-“Taxes and Charges” field removed from Customer and Supplier. And
instead, added the functionality in the ‘Tax Rule’ and created Tax Rules
for existing customers and suppliers.
-In Tax rule form,you can select customer and Create Tax rule for them.

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Am I correct, that one must create a tax rule for each customer (and supplier) , even though the sales tax may have been established when the customer was created? It appears that the sales tax is not automatically applied when preparing sales invoice , as it had been. I see that it can be applied manually at invoice creation.

For a large customer base, this could be time consuming.

Hi @smino ,
While creating separate sales invoice,sales tax get applied when you select respective customer.
you don’t need to apply it manually.

Forgive me, I may not have described the problem well.

The screen to add a customer did have a field to specify the sales tax that should be applied to the customer’s sales.

When an invoice was raised for the customer, the sales tax specified using that screen was automatically applied.

If one raises an invoice for that customer now, the sales tax is no longer applied.

One can choose a sales tax to apply to the sales on the invoice screen, however it is not automatic .

One must create a sales tax rule for the customer ( and any customers previously added ). Then the sales tax will be applied automatically,.