Setting Expense Claim Title and Name from Child Table Expenses

Hi community,

Currently, the title and name on the expense claim document are derived from the employee’s name. However, I am exploring the possibility of setting these details from the child table, specifically the ‘expenses’ expense type.

can you please elaborate in details?
Where you want to show this ?
In the print Format you want to show this please customised it.

Thank you @sagar for your prompt response.

In drafting or generating an expense claim from an employee, the document is saved as the designated expense type(field) in the doctype or list, and not in the print format.

can you explain in more detail?
with an image or screenshot?


What will be the case for naming if there are 10+ exp type added in child table ? you want title and naming by all this exp type names ?

I want to categorise by expense type