Setting initial item cost, and significant digits

Small printshop. We pay our vendor for each B&W and Color “click” (impression) – B&W impressions are $0.0099 per click and Color impressions are $0.0545 per click.

First, I’d like to establish the item cost, but it looks like that can’t be done manually but only through inventory receipt or purchase order/invoice. Which bings me to my next problem.

How can I set the cost per click accurately, since item rates carry out to four significant digits? I can’t write a Purchase Order because it expects a rate in even pennies too. For example, my bill is for 13621 B&W clicks @ $0.0099 for a line total of $134.85. When entered on a PO, the total is $136.21 @ $0.01 rate. Purchase Invoices also expect a rate to two significant digits rather than an amount billed (amount billed / quantity received = rate).

I could establish a “click cost per thousands”, receive 136.21 clicks @ .99 but that’s somewhat confusing and doesn’t reflect real life.

That is a rounding error. Because You round before you multiply. You should round after you multiply.

The way you could try setting prices is for 10000 units. And then use the rate to multiply or divide.

In reality the is no currency < .01 $ either, but mathematically you have proved it very is possible by pricing it that way. Since your life is unreal so should be the solution :slight_smile:


I didn’t set the unit pricing, my vendor did. In fact, this is normal pricing in the digital print world. An accounting system shouldn’t force its users into models that don’t reflect real world situations. What I was suggesting was that a more flexible solution would be to input quantity and extended amount on purchase invoices, calculating the rate to as many decimals as necessary to be accurate. Not unreal at all.

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Indeed the accounting system shouldn’t force anyone to do anything. Did anyone force you into ERPNext’s accounting solution? It’s a rhetorical question.

This is a free open source system designed with the community’s best requirements in mind. No one was expecting someone like your esteemed self to come along one day and lecture how it should have been for a specific industry. It might be obvious to you. Not to everyone. But we hope to be learn as we go. :slight_smile:

If you have a special need for your specific area of business your best bet is to find a work around or hire a developer.

And contribute back. :slight_smile: Best way to meet your requirement and your industry specific requirement. And help others.

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I found what I needed – increase precision in system settings and increase precision in Purchase Order Item doctype.

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