Setting Permission for all Customer Except "CustA" and "CustB"

Hi There,

How can we set permission for user to have access for all customers except “CustA” and “CustB” for example.
If we have 1000 customers now and the number of customers increased as the business progress and we want to keep restriction for user not to have access for CustA and CustB, how can we set it?


Not aware about anyway of denying permission based on customer/customer group.

One bit shorter way I can think of is Apply User permission on “If Customer Group is permitted”. Set User permission to allow all other customer group, except customer group given to CustA & CustB. If you are using many customer group, this will also be not that small task. :sweat_smile:

Hi @Mukesh_Variyani, thanks for your reply…

But this scenario is not only for customer, I am just making customer doctype as example.
Same way we want to give permission for Chart of accounts per user to have access for all except “account1” and “account2”…etc…

is there any easy way to do it?

It’s challenging, you can check “Apply User permission” options like in each doctype. For Accounts only options I can see are:

If Warehouse is permitted
If Currency is permitted
If Account is permitted
If Company is permitted