Setting Re-order for multi-UOM

Hi, I am setting ERPnext for manufacturing unit everything was going well. But during setting up Re-order Level I got stuck and need assistance from expert. here is the case.

  1. Item A has consumption UOM in MM
  2. Purchase UOM is Roll and 1Roll = 9855mm
  3. I want to set Re-order level in Roll as it is easy to set in two digit.
  4. Now Issue is If I set default UOM to Roll, then conversion factor become difficult to mention as 1MM = 0.000101471334348047 Roll.
  5. If I set default UOM to MM, then re-order level will not work properly.

I hope there is easy way to handle this.
Thanks in advance

Why not setup two item codes, which are variants?

First item is in rolls, which is purchased.
Second item is in mm, which is not purchased but received through material transfer from first item.

Just a thought.


@H_N sorry to say, I feel it is not good idea. As it is creating extra step for user.
Current ERPnext has the solution, which I dont want to use, it is as follow:

  1. Define default UOM in MM.
  2. Calculate Re-order level in MM and mention same .
  3. At the time of Purchase order, Purchase manager just have to change UOM to Roll.

Currently, I am doing this. But I was looking for solution which ease the operation. So user should just follow the software.

Still looking for more input.

Any expert suggestion