Setting Report View default columns, width and # of displayed rows for all users


I have set the default view as Report for Project doctype:

Is there any way I can assign the default columns, the columns’ width and number of displayed rows as well?

I’ve been skimming through report_view.js and I’m stuck trying to understand from which report entry it is pulling the defaults for this:



Considering that the user selected columns are saved, but not the width.


Maybe just the default number of rows loaded by default?

Is there a quick adjustment that can be done? :eyes:

Ok, I found where the default pagination is set, works for report view as well:


setup_defaults() {
	this.page_name = frappe.get_route_str();
	this.page_title = this.page_title || frappe.router.doctype_layout || __(this.doctype);
	this.meta = frappe.get_meta(this.doctype);
	this.settings = frappe.listview_settings[this.doctype] || {};
	this.user_settings = frappe.get_user_settings(this.doctype);

	this.start = 0;
	this.page_length = 20;

If someone has any ideas on how to adjust the default columns and their respective width for a particular doctype, please share it :slightly_smiling_face: