Setting up a counter of custom doctype

Hi everyone,

I created a custom doctype “devices” that gets the type of device (Tablet, Smartphone…) and other type of data.

Aswell we got a report page that we can see every “device” doctype filtered by “state” (On repair, repaired, waiting for spares…)

We’re trying to have a counter like a text(Not a Full Graphic), with the total of devices that has been running since ERPNext is implemented in our store,

We need this counter to see how much devices we’re repairing (Year, Monthly,Since we’re open…)

How i can create a counter that only counts all doctypes of certain type? (If there is programming, i can do also, but i dont know the starting point)

Thank you!

What version are you running?
As of V14, you can add number cards directly to your workspace from your workspace editor. (See attached)

Older versions use reports/charts with group/count/sum functions

Hi Yamen, thank you for the quick response,
This was JUST what i was searching for!

This is my frappe setup:

ERPNext Version: v14.13.0
Frappe Framework: v14.23.0 (version-14)
Payments: v0.0.1 (develop)

This is the quick links that appear when im editing my report page:


I don’t know if i have the option that you told me, but i can’t find it, could you guide me?

Thank you!

Not sure which version this was added, my current ERPNext version is 14.20.3
Screenshot (4)

You can create this kind of component on “Card number” doctype. Search it on awesome bar.

Currently, number cards can be added to dashboards. I think is not possible add it to workspace design … probably is a upcoming feature since it is documented here.

Hope this helps.

Hi, i updated erpnext by doing the following:

As im in a production enviroment, i did buy a backup site to store if something goes wrong

  1. i did go to my bench folder (Frappe folder)
  2. run: bench update
    2.1 - ERROR no master branch (.git)
    2.2 -RESOLVED: i had to go to \home\user\frappebench\apps\erpnext to run bench update
  3. Done, now i have this cards :slight_smile:

Thank you for all your cooperation! I trully believe in this comunity!