Setting Up Attendance/Shift for alternate day

Dear All,

Is it possible to setup attendance/Shift for alternate day in ERPNext ?

In our organization, some employee has to work on Saturday for 2 times per month. E.g. :
Employee A has to work on 1st & 3rd Saturday and Employee B has to work on 2nd & 4th. And some employee doesn’t have to work on Saturday at all.


This can be done by setting different holiday lists for the three types of Employees. Link the required holiday list in the Shift Type. Hope this helps!

Thanks Michelle.

In my case some employees work on alternate days (i.e. one day on one day off) weekends inclusive. how can I set this with holiday list?


You will have to manually enter these days in the holiday list table.

What if the company operates 7 days which employees has a shifting of 1 rest day per week. How can ERPnext handles the recording of the shifting of schedule of work per week?

Also, since employees has shifting work, they might happen to have a work shift on a holiday. However, if they want to make a leave application on that day, the leave application does not allow to make it since it is already a holiday.

How can we solve this? This is applicable for manufacturing and also on retails shops.

Also, rest days are not recorded on attendance?