Setting up conversion for UOM

I tried searching the documentation and forum and couldn’t find an answer. I hope it’s an easy question to answer.
I recently installed the VM ERPNext and have been playing with it to see if it will meet our needs. We deal in a lot of raw material that we purchase as an each, but then cut to smaller parts in inches. Those smaller parts then receive stock numbers that are parts of sub-assemblies which have their own numbers. I set up a piece of raw material and gave UOM as inches, then set up a each as 384 inches. If I try to make a purchase order and enter 50 eaches, it gives the price as only ordering 50 inches. Thank you for your time.

Price is calculated based on the purchase UOM,which is inches.
Uom coversion factor as of now works for calculating the quantity as per the conversion.

Please refer the document for how UOM Conversion works in Purchase.


Thank you for your response. But, perhaps I’m just not following. I believe I followed the instructions, but cant seem to get it to work correctly. Here I set up primary unit as inch and another as each consisting of 384 inches.

I set purchase to each and it still shows pricing as if it just in inches.
(I would have uploaded 2nd pic, but I’m only allowed 1)

Thanks again.


You should enter item’s rate in the purchase UoM, i.e. Each in this case. Check attached image for the example.