Setting up Email account for gmail account on google cloud server

I have tried to follow all discussions on how to set up email on erpnext and they have all failed.

There is a discussion about 2-step verification that worked for me earlier but now that discussion was deleted from the community.

The last time i checked Enabling less secure apps was not working because google was facing that out.

Google cloud allows port 587 for outgoing but not port 25.

I would like to set up an outgoing mail server using on port 587 using TLS.

I have tried several things.

  • delete the email domain
  • left blank the Domain and Service when creating the Email account (Notifications - default sending)

I get an error “Incorrect email or password. Please check your login credentials.” when i save.

Is there a way i can get an exact error?

Follow this link to resolve the issue

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