Setting up email accounts

I’m trying to configure the email accounts in ERPNext v5.0.27 but it send me an error, my settings are the next:

  • Service: Gmail
  • Email ID:
  • Password: XXXXX
  • Email account name: XXXXX
  • Enable incoming (checked)
  • POP3:
  • Use SSL (checked)
  • Attach to: Event
  • By default incoming (checked)
  • Enable outgoing (checked)
  • SMTP:
  • Use TLS: (checked)
  • Port: 587
  • By default outgoing (checked)

When I click “Save” a pop up window appear and says “support username or password invalid, please check and try again”

Then shows this: “-ERR [AUTH] Web login required: Check Gmail through other email platforms - Gmail Help
and it was not kept.

I’m pretty sure my username and password are the correct ones, I also did a Login into Gmail just to make sure the username and password are correct.

You know what is happening ?

you have to disable some security features in your gmail account . Did u get any email in your gmail inbox about “sign in attempt blocked” ?

Yes, yesterday when I was trying I recive some gmail alerts about someone who is trying to get in my account with the same IP address of the server

you have to enable less security apps feature in your gmail . This article can be helpful for you


I have enabled less secure apps…but still getting Invalid Login or password on email account setup? Anybody know why?


same issue

same issue, please, anybody find a solution? thanks

For gmail you have to create “Application specific passwords” Application specific password - GoingGoogle

Are you currently using this to integrate gmail into ERPNext?