Setting Up ERPNext with virtual image cannot complete successfully


I have installed ERPNext Virtual image but just at the final stage of completing the setup, it comes with the following message:

Setting this Address Template as default as there is no other default
Duplicate name Print Heading Credit Note
There were errors.

Kindly assist me resolve this.


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just now i installed and even updated ,
i am also facing the same problem
Please help us

Hi I also Find the same error while installing the OVA file in VM. As per the command instructed to update

cd frappe-bench
bench update
bench reinstall

It is not running for the VM. It takes to some other pillow not installed and ValueError: --enable-jpeg requested but jpeg not found, aborting Error.

@debarongh @rajendra.penumalli @Dhamu
Its very old bug and answered several times
Please see

cd frappe-bench
bench update
bench reinstall

will work for you.

We are also planing to make virtual images for ubuntu so anyone can get latest image of ERPNext.

cc @sagar