Setting up leave approver using workflow

Hi There,
I have created a new workflow for leave application named Leave_Management.
In the workflow what I have done is that First The Employee Applies For a Leave
Then the Leave application gets forward to HR Manager and After getting pending action by HR Manager it gets forward to Leave approver for all employee. It’s working properly but on top of the leave application is shows "submit the document to confirm "
Can u please provide me a feedback how i can achieve this without message.
I am attaching my workflow which i have created and message page.

leave application message

Doc Status of final approval must be 1 and rejection must be 2,
1 means submit & 2 means cancel.
& Put the rejected in the last, means at row number 4,
Or you Can skip cancellation if you don’t want.

@shahid I changed the Doc Status but still problem not solved . can you explain me with workflow screenshot that it is more understandable :sweat_smile:

Is this document submittable ? Check it

no…its show me still that leave application message. But workflow is submitted after the changes suggested by @shahid

did you create this document or was provided by ERPNext ?

Yes… I created the document

Click on edit doctype and check what is the value of Is Submittable


@root13F he is talking about Leave Application Workflow,
Below is the screenshot of my Leave Application’s Workflow,

Also please read this,
hope this will help you to understand the process of workflow,

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Hello @root13F

How to create a new leave approver in erpnext V11