Setting up Manufacturing process for a milling factory

Hello, i am not new to ERPNext but new to the manufacturing module. I want to set up a manufacturing process for our milling company using ERPnext and I need community support.

Our firm is into the Dolomite Milling business
We mill Dolomite and process it to calcium.

Different customers come with dolomites and it is processed into Calcium.

The output quantity cannot be determined until the production is completed and the output is processed into (50kg per) bags. So, the customer pays for the number of bags produced

Our company also buys dolomites, then process them into Calcium and sells them in our retail outlet and shops.

Factory workers are paid on each bag produced per each milling process

How can I setup ERPNext for this production process? I need someone who can teach or assist.


To convert Dolomite into Calcium (variable output)

Set-up (Once only)

  1. Create New Stock Entry Type:
    Stock Entry Type Name: “Dolomite to Calcium”
    Purpose “Manufacture”
    Note: there is a default Manufacture stock entry type with Manufacture purpose, but you may want a more specific label to make your Stock Entry documents look more orderly.

Entry (Dolomite to Calcium production)
2. Create New Stock Entry with
Stock Entry Type: Dolomite to Calcium
Raw Material Items: (Dolomite)
place Source Warehouse entry, leave target warehouse blank, raw material itemcode, and itemqty.
Finished Goods Items: (Calcium)
leave Source Warehouse black, place target warehouse, finished goods itemcode, and itemqty produced.
You may click: Update Rate and Availability button.
If you have more than one Finished Goods Item, you may have to adjust the basic rate.

You may want your Total Incoming Value to equal Total Outgoing Value so that Total Value Difference (In - Out) is equal to 0. You find this line below Items

We do this because at the moment, ERPNext Manufacture BOM/Work Order assumes 1 Finished Goods with fixed qty produced using a BOM.

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